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Picking up correct theme for your business

Choice Your WordPress Theme

Too many themes on different marketplaces it would take days see them all. So how do you narrow it down to find the perfect one for your business?

Theme Documentation

Item documentation explains how to activate theme, installing plugins and one click demo content.

Video Tutorials

Our video tutorials like our documentation that explains all steps and process of installing theme plugins.

5* Support

5* stars rated our support team will allways assist you when and how you need it quickly and friendly.

Customer Reviews

This excelent thema
Hompark | Real Estate & Luxury Homes WordPress Theme
Excelent thema y service
The look is so cool
Digiflex | Online Movie Streaming WordPress Theme
Saleh Alhawiti
beautiful theme , very nice
Wandau | Art & History Museum WordPress Theme
Dinang Fabrice
real professionnal
I'm really about my buying. The template is build good, and also the Customer Sales have really help me. Strongly recommanded!
Wandau | Art & History Museum WordPress Theme
Maxime Lelievre
Really good template & service
Amazing theme, few problems for the install but the support service is n°1, they help me with all the install from 0. Amazing job
Tourog | Creative Agency and Freelancers WordPress Theme
They helped me install the theme in no time and add a custom request. 5 stars!
Tourog | Creative Agency and Freelancers WordPress Theme
Great support
The theme is wonderful. Support are very helpful and fast response. Thanks!
Tourog | Creative Agency and Freelancers WordPress Theme
The Great Theme, The Best Support!
Great theme and nice support. I recommend it.
Quardo | Deluxe Premium Hotels WordPress Theme
Ivan Nevton Neres de Oliveira Júnior
I'm really satisfied
The support team is really helpful, fast, and responsive. They patiently helped and installed my theme a couple of times when I messed it up.
Tourog | Creative Agency and Freelancers WordPress Theme
Maryam Ashkan
Great SUPPORT, Beautiful Theme
I LOVE the service, the support and of course, the theme. Totally recommended!!!!
Tourog | Creative Agency and Freelancers WordPress Theme
Nicolás Vielma
Everything perfect

Experience WordPress Afresh. 

Explore Themezinho’s popular WordPress themes and website templates for businesses, portfolios, freelancers, agencies, and individuals. 

Themezinho is your one-stop destination for professional, stylish, and responsive WordPress themes and functional HTML templates. Created and reviewed with utmost precision, every Themezinho template is handcrafted with you in mind. 

Every tweak of our WordPress themes is made with consideration for the reception, appreciation, and appraisal they have received from professionals and business owners alike, to come up with a clean filtered collection that will be a perfect match for your needs.

Search and discover responsive, interactive website templates and WordPress themes that speak of you. 

Why should you choose WordPress themes from Themezinho?

When you choose Themezinho, you automatically choose the best visual experience and performance. Be a part of the tribe and enjoy the benefits we package with each of our premium WordPress themes and templates.

Interactive WordPress experience

WordPress is the simplest way to get started with your business. We believe that even if you are a non-developer who wants to take your business online, you should have access to the best premium themes to guarantee your customers a hassle-free experience as they navigate through your website.

Professional and Creative Visual Appeal

Every page on your website is a narrative of your journey. We help you tell your story with unmatched creative and professional appeal to your visitors. Our themes are responsive, with a modern and easy-to-use design. The interaction and flowing design add to the beautiful UI and experience.

Customization Services

It is completely understandable that as a person with changing business needs, everyone will need to make tweaks, big and small, in time. At Themezinho, we welcome change as the norm and are always ready for customization services added on to the WordPress themes purchased by you. 

Lifetime Support

Themezinho offers lifetime support to customers for every WordPress theme purchased from our store. We believe in lasting relationships that turn our customers into our brand voice, and enable them to do the best with the resources that we have to offer. 

Best Value for Money

Themezinho’s WordPress themes come at an affordable rate contrasted against bigger marketplaces like Themeforest or Template Monster. The HTML templates are priced even lower, which enables people who are just starting out, to play around without burning a hole in their pockets.

Why Paying for a Premium WordPress Theme is better than Downloading a Free Theme

There are plenty of free WordPress themes available on the market. Most of them have been around for a long time, and enjoy a cult status among freelancers and bloggers. Why then, should you buy a premium theme? 

It all depends on how important these factors are to you:

Uniqueness of WordPress Theme

When you opt for a free theme, you essentially use a theme that’s being used by thousands, if not millions of other people. It’s a sad fact that most free WordPress themes are very generic in appearance and feel. If you want to stand out and make your website speak a different tone and present a different shade, go for a premium WordPress theme – choose from hundreds of marketplaces selling thousands of themes with all the latest features – responsive, flowing UI, interactive or minimal. Pay and create your own unique experience.

Availability of Post-Sale Support

Free WordPress theme developers are not really accountable for the support they offer after the sale of a free theme. They might still be actively solving queries on WordPress forums, but one-on-one support is one of the essentials of anyone starting out with a WordPress theme they just purchased.

Customizability and Features

Most free WordPress themes support standard almost all WordPress features. However, when you’re creating a full-fledged blog or website, you’ll need additional functionality that many of them don’t offer. If you want a fully functional WordPress website with extra features like creating buttons, using shortcodes, create landing pages, etc, it is best to pay for a well crafted and reviewed premium theme which also offers intensive developer support throughout its lifetime.

Lower Accountability

This sounds the same as the low degree of post-sale support, but it additionally means that using a free WordPress theme or template, you can run into problems fairly easily with no one obliged to solve them. Free WordPress themes come with little or no warranty, so you might find yourself needing help often.


5 Points to Consider before Buying a WordPress Theme

A WordPress theme is a website’s identity. It translates the business’s voice as its own. In effect, the interaction a customer has with the website theme is their first impression of their potential experience with the business. 

This is precisely why Themezinho has a carefully designed, oft-reviewed collection of WordPress themes that check a lot of boxes on our quality checklist. Here are five things that you should look for in a WordPress theme or website HTML template as a business owner or professional:

User Interface 

Visual appeal is everything. The first thing anybody notices about your website is how good it looks and how it feels to use. At Themezinho, we offer fully responsive WordPress themes that are retina-ready with a flawless CSS transition and animated navigation. The soft transition of pages and slider screens are perfect for a digital agency’s portfolio. 


Along with the UI, pay attention to UX. A user’s experience on the website in their journey from the preloading screen to checkout must be convenient and hassle-free – across all devices. Responsiveness is a huge marker of how good themes are since most people use their smartphones to view and make purchase decisions. If you want to check whether the theme is responsive or not, try resizing your browser. If the layout adjusts its size to fit the new browser size, congrats! Your theme is responsive. Make sure that you’re not paying for a fixed size layout at any cost.

Note: Keep it Simple and Functional 

We also keep in mind the highest goals – the functionality and usability of the website while coding WordPress themes at Themezinho. Using our functional themes, anyone can easily navigate and find controls on the website without getting lost in unwanted complexities of add-ons. Even better, we have a WordPress theme for every type of business need. Check out the our WordPress themes and HTML templates.


SEO Friendliness

 A poorly coded WordPress theme is an SEO nightmare. What’s more, they perform badly on search engines. The theme might be visually appealing, but if you’re not a programmer, chances are that you won’t be able to analyze the code. So always look for SEO optimized WordPress themes. If you browse the catalog here at Themezinho, you can see SEO optimized WordPress themes that are designed with the need to rank well.

Page Builder Integration

Page builders are essential for users to create their own layouts. They provide a drag and drop interface that enables flexibility and empowers the user to modify the website. Themezinho has included WPBakery which is one of the top-selling page builders out there, in its premium WordPress themes. Using the page builder, you can create unlimited page structures with a perfect grid control system.


There are many elements that make or break a website. The WordPress theme or HTML template must be customizable to suit the customer’s needs, have been useful to previous customers (check ratings and reviews), should support your plugins and offer lifetime support. Themezinho strives to check all these boxes on our performance checklist, and that’s what makes our handcrafted interactive WordPress themes and templates a pleasure to build on.

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