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Can we handle without support service ?

Can we handle without support service ?

I really like to say “yes” but for some cases you really need support. All digital products should give support and they do. There is a important point that how they provide support ? Is it easy to reach support team ? Or we need to find solution on ticket forums ? We believe each buyer needs individual support for their needs. Sometimes buyers wants to do changes and improvements on WordPress themes what they bought on themezinho.net. Solution even front of their eyes, they can not figure it out. For this reason we are (themezinho) always here to assist our buyers. As a themezinho we are very easy to get reach for support requests or pre-sales questions. You can use via email or live chat on our products. You do not need to wait to 2-3 days for get some simple answer. 

We believe that keeping touch and getting closer with buyers gonna make us different than other marketplaces or themeforest.net  authors. We do not focus selling millions of items we focus on customer satisfaction with individual communication. On these days really difficult find good quality items with fast and quick support.

We suggest all potential buyers to make sure have someone could assist you quickly. Our buyers always re-purchase from us because of friendly support and our real communication.

Just to remind you that our products on themezinho covered 1 year of support service.

Have a nice purchases.