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Choice WordPress Theme

There are tons of WordPress themes on market. It might take days and days to search through them all. So here is the how to pick correct theme.

Finding good theme is important but not that easy you think. How to understand good quality of theme. There should be some expectations from theme. The theme is fully responsive or page loading speed is good enough ? There are too many criteria that you might be know it.


Do a list for what features you need.

Before choosing a theme make notes about your expectations from theme. What kind of features you need to use on site. Slider, photo gallery, video header etc. If there are cool unique features on theme I advice you to create content for it.


Try not to choice complex themes

Sometimes theme developers thinks like developer and it can make an issue for buyers to handle. Too much option could give you a control and also headache. Theme options should include basic things that user should able to control. Logos colors fonts etc with most easiest way.


Theme color is important

When you start browsing themes on market and decide to have one you must understand that themes on there look good as it can. Most buyers love the theme after customizing it does not look like what they bought. Color changes all attract of website. So you should keep in your mind picking theme with similar color with your brand.


Try to buy premium theme

Tons of free WordPress themes on market. Mostly looks very unprofessional and no cool functionality that you can use. Just to remind you free themes has no support services. When you facing an issue nobody will help you about that. Premium themes has a cost and that cost not just only theme design and functionality also includes premium support.Using a Premium WordPress theme mean you are in safe hands.


Choice a theme that has readable font

Some WordPress themes are using different fonts types to be a different. Actually it very good, fonts means big part of design. Sometimes you might need to use some tiny size text for some reason. It could make that text content is difficult read. Just make sure that theme fonts able to read on every size and screen.