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How to import demo content for your WordPress theme

How to import demo content for your WordPress theme

I might be hearing this of course with one click demo import. Yes there are too many tools for importing demo data but most popular one is “One Click Demo Import”. After purchase, you got your theme files. Sometimes demo content comes with downloaded files or sometimes not. So after activated theme and installed plugins you are ready to import demo data for your theme. Mostly you might find demo importer on AppearanceImport Demo Data. As you can see on plugin name with “ONE CLICK” you will be able to get all demo content with one click.

Everythings fine you import demo content, now you can start to replace your content instead of dummy texts and images. When you finish inserting your all your content, I suggest you to export XML file for your future installation or some emergency case. If you want you can overwrite on old xml file or just can keep in another folder.

If you can not import your demo content with “ONE CLICK” demo importer. What is gonna happened next ? If you try to import and still waiting more than 10 minutes it means there is something wrong on this process.

Usually this kind of problem related with server configuration. What you can do about that ? You can reach to your hosting provider and ask them to increase server limits (upload limits, execution time, etc).

There is another method that you can try using WordPress Import. You can reach that plugin Tools > Import . Below all list there is WordPress Import you should install that plugin and after click run importer. In this case you should be able to reach XML file manually. After uploading xml importer, there is screen asks “would you like to import media content” (images, videos, etc). If still even 10 minutes there is no progress you should consider demo content using without demo images(without thick check box). You already should use your own images and videos. So it won’t be a big problem for you.

I hope you won’t face with this kind of issues but those things are very common that everybody facing it.

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