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How to Pick the Correct WordPress Theme for your Business

How to Pick the Correct WordPress Theme for your Business

When starting a new WordPress venture, giving it a theme can be a daunting task. It is normal to feel overwhelmed by the array of choices such as colours, features, design elements, typography and feel lost. Here’s a checklist to abide by when you’re confused about your WordPress theme.

Understand the Requirements of your WordPress website 

There are 2 aspects of this discussion: the personality and purpose of your blog. 


The personality of your blog is what it should look and feel like to a site visitor. For example, a fashion blog’s personality is expected to be chic and stylish. The colours are design elements of the WordPress theme need to be aligned with that image. A baby products ecommerce website has its distinctive voice and feel for its niche audience, which comprises almost entirely of mothers and families.Thus, the user interface part comes into the picture. 


The next aspect is purpose. An ecommerce store’s functionality and call to action are different from that of a landing page, or a gardening blog. Thus, the decision about what features the theme should have is affected by your requirements and needs. What is the nature of your website? For instance, if you’re building a photography portfolio website, you’ll need a great gallery to exhibit your work. 

However, some features are always a must; such as responsiveness and mobile-friendliness. Now that you’ve studied your niche and needs, shortlist the types of WordPress themes that work for you. 

Fix a Budget

Budget is a very important consideration in any venture. Do you want to spend money on themes at all? Educate yourself on the pros and cons of free and premium WordPress themes. Check coding standards, level and duration of developer support after purchase, and update frequency. Free or premium, what’s important is that it works for your type of work and fits your budget. You can check out our pocket-friendly collection of WordPress themes at Themezinho.net

Post – Sale Developer Support

This is a very important marker of how good a theme is. This is also where premium WordPress themes score a point over free ones. Often, developers of free WordPress themes are unavailable for one-on-one support and deliberation. Themezinho’s premium themes come with a year of developer support post purchase and lifetime updates, making your experience hassle free and convenient. A WordPress theme without regular updates, like fixing a bug or patching a security loophole, is a poor choice.

Code Quality and Standards

Poorly written code has a lot of implications for the website owner- such as security risks, slow page loading speeds and clogging. All of Themezinho’s premium themes are mobile-friendly and responsive, and compatible across all major web browsers. A good theme must be customizable and extendable, and definitely easy to navigate. Most of all, it should work with page builders like WPBakery or Elementor. When you’re looking for a WordPress theme, choose a theme developer who has been around for some time, and has made a few sales on their premium themes. 
If you can’t get access to this information, reach out to the developer personally and get a clarification in person. Make a purchase decision only after all the details are known to you. If you want to know more about WordPress themes, how to choose one or which one to purchase, or if you want to check out a beautiful collection of WordPress themes and templates, visit Themezinho.net.