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The questions that you should ask yourself before buying a  WordPress theme

The questions that you should ask yourself before buying a WordPress theme

After a lot of research, asking friends also googling you decide to have a website for your business or personal blog. It could be that you have no experience and knowledge about making a good-looking website. 

As we know there are many marketplaces that sells WordPress themes. You may take a look that places to find a correct theme for your purpose. All is good, there is nothing wrong buying a WordPress theme and customize with your content. 

Biggest problem starts when you start browse themes on big marketplaces. Too many options that, could make you confuse about selecting good one. Before browsing themes or templates you need to ask yourself few questions.

That theme could match with your purpose ?

Many websites themes are multi-purposed but if you want to express yourself clear with your website, make sure that you are browsing specific category related of your purpose instead of multi-purposes themes.

The WordPress theme you buy is responsive ?

New generation most website are adaptable for any kind of tablets, phones big resolution screens. Even you buy a theme has responsive features you may have problem after replacing your own content. There are some cases that buyers insert their real content and theme you are working on it does not respond good for responsiveness. It could be. In this case you may think to reach support to get help.

Hello someone in there from support ?

Here is the thing as we talk before many marketplaces and theme developers creating themes for selling purpose. Problem could start after purchased product. Yes your theme has all the cool features but still you need some help to change or fix specific content. You may send an email to support team. The point is  how long does it takes to get reply from them ? Is it an hour, five hours, next day or more ? Make sure buying a theme or templates from has an experience of fast good support.

The fact of good design

Ofcourse functionality is important but also there is an another fact that design of theme. Everybody wants to have some theme designed beautiful and user-friendly. Animated  layers, page transitions, videos, slider hover effects etc. Make sure that theme you are thinking to buy has good design. At least it should show your purpose.

Theme price differences

Another fact is price range shows differences. Buyers could get confused about that. Why cheap or why expensive. What is the difference ? Is it included customer support ? Support is good enough ? OMG 5 dollars bundle package included 1000 themes. Before making decision you may ask yourself first, do you really need 1000 themes ? If you buy a theme or bundle in 5 dollars what about support and item quality ? Those days in bundles that they sell in 5 dollars inside has some code that could hack your website. Just remember that you do not need bundle memberships with 1000 themes lifetime downloads. Finding a good theme, you should check all price range compare with yourself and decide to  get good one for you.

Note: As a Themezinho we always put reasonable price for our products