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Why WordPress is the best Content Management System for your Business

Why WordPress is the best Content Management System for your Business

WordPress is a free CMS (Content Management System) that can be customized to develop any kind of website. Think of it as a website builder. Whether you’re starting a small business or for a large enterprise, WordPress is easily the best CMS in 2020 – for its lucrative themes, plugins, and very active community!

Blogs, news portals, Ecommerce, corporates or a single landing page – WordPress is the preferred choice. Since its release in 2003, WordPress has been growing at a tremendous pace. At least 34 percent of all websites are built on WordPress. Now you might be wondering, what is the reason for its success? Why is WordPress immensely popular with the masses?

Here is a quick walkthrough on the various benefits of WordPress for SEO, user management, content management, social media features and open source initiative.

WordPress is Easy to Use and Beginner-Friendly

As far as a beginner trying to get a website off the ground is concerned the first thing that a CMS should be is to be easy to manage and maintain. This is where WordPress scores a major point. First of all, it has a warm and friendly UI that can be used immediately upon installation. Second, anyone can learn WordPress, no technical or programming knowledge required. WordPress has an active community of developers and bloggers who can help beginners clear doubts and support each other.

WordPress Themes are Amazing Tools for UI/UX

WordPress themes are essential elements of a website, like plugins, templates and modules. They define the UI of a website and design the experience of a user on it. There are thousands of free and premium WordPress themes contributed to the community by enthusiastic developers. Depending on the website requirements, professional developers can further customize them using technologies like PHP, JavaScript and CSS. The interesting thing about WordPress themes is that they build the WordPress website’s design and functionality. With WordPress themes, pages can be created easily, quickly and efficiently. 

WordPress is Perfect for SEO

Any website, if it wants to drive a good share of organic search results, must be SEO-friendly. WordPress is an ideal choice for SEO because of the following reasons: 

WordPress reduces bounce rates by optimising customer experience on the website. It boosts page loading speed by options to resize images and offers plugins to achieve high page speeds. WordPress also makes optimizing images for search engines hassle-free with alt text and special plugins that generate alt texts. Content can be made SEO friendly using plugins such as Yoast SEO. 

Social Media Integration

Managing social media is a painfully tedious task that requires much time and effort. However, with WordPress social media plugins, social integration, posting, scheduling and analytics tracking become automated tasks that can be accomplished in the click of a button.

Plugins such as Yoast allow publishing content simultaneously on multiple social platforms. Similarly there are plugins to keep track of scheduling, such as CoSchedule. Other plugins like Shareaholic bring all social sharing buttons under a single tab, taking your business to a wide audience. 

WordPress provides several of its features for free enabling and empowering people to start their journey in the Internet space. If you want to know more about WordPress themes, how to choose one or which one to purchase, or if you want to check out a beautiful collection of WordPress themes and templates, visit Themezinho.net.